Why incorporate in Wyoming?

Wyoming is one of the fastest-growing states for low-cost, low-maintenance and no state tax incorporations. Wyoming has actively sought to make its corporate law and business tax structure friendly and attractive to out-of-state companies looking for the best forum for formations.

A Few Reasons for Choosing Incorporation in Wyoming

Privacy: Wyoming offers excellent privacy protection. Managers and members of LLCs are not listed on the public record. No information on shareholders is collected or shared with the IRS.

Asset Protection: Wyoming has strong asset protection laws – perhaps the strongest in the United States today. The corporate veil is protected if minimum formalities are followed.

Formation Costs: Wyoming is inexpensive compared to other states. State filing fees are minimal.

Maintenance Costs: Wyoming has one of the lowest annual fee structures in the United States. Because the Wyoming annual fees are based on assets or employees physically located in Wyoming, you could pay as little as $50 per year to maintain your non-resident Wyoming entity.

Low Capitalization: Wyoming has no minimum capitalization requirements. Some states, such as Texas, insist that you put at least $1,000 into your entity on formation. Unlike in Nevada, in Wyoming an unlimited number of shares can be authorized without paying additional filing fees.

Corporate Flexibility: Directors, officers and shareholders do not have to live in or hold meetings in Wyoming. Telephone meetings are permitted. One person may hold all director and officer positions and directors and officers do not have to be stockholders. Through the unique Wyoming procedure known as continuance, out-of-state companies can become Wyoming corporations.


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