Why Incorporate in Nevada?

For many reasons, Nevada is one of the best places in the United States to incorporate. Nevada has excellent asset protection and privacy laws, minimal reporting requirements, close proximity to the major California market, good road and air transportation connections and a business-related infrastructure that continues to attract major businesses such as Starbucks, Barnes & Noble and amazon.com.

Corporate Shareholder Privacy: Nevada does not share shareholder information with the IRS. Nominee officers and directors can be provided to further enhance privacy.

Asset Protection: Nevada’s asset protection laws are strong and the corporate veil is not easily pierced.

Corporate Flexibility: Directors, officers and shareholders do not have to live in or hold meetings in Nevada. Telephone meetings are permitted. One person may hold all director and officer positions, and directors/officers do not have to be stockholders. Nevada law also allows for various classes of stock and debt, securities and voting restrictions, rights and preferences to be included in the articles and bylaws. These and other favorable features of Nevada corporate law provide for great corporate flexibility and ease of maintenance.

Capitalization: No minimum capital contribution is required to incorporate. A total of 75 million shares may be authorized without the payment of additional fees. Shares may be issued not only for money or assets invested, but also for personal services, leases and options granted, and personal property. In addition, a Nevada company may purchase, sell, hold or transfer shares of its own stock.


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